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Lost and Found

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On the behalf of the municipal administration, Servizi alla Strada S.p.A manages the acceptance, deposit, and restitution of lost objects found on City of Florence territory.

Search for your lost object directly using the civic network service of the City of Florence.

User Manual for data consultation by citizens



The office is in via Veracini 5/5, 50144 Firenze

  • tel. 055334802,  fax 0553246473
  • e-mail

The office is open at the following times:

  • from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12.30pm
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2.30pm to 4pm



On behalf of the City of Florence, Servizi alla Strada S.p.A. has managed the lost and found service since 15 November 2002, taking over from the Municipal Police Corps and locating to Via Circondaria, 17/b.  In 2008, due to the start of the high-speed-train station “Foster” worksite, the Lost and Found office moved to its present location in Via Veracini 5/5.

The service includes the acceptance, deposit and restitution of objects and documents lost, left and found on City of Florence territory.

Objects and documents found on city territory are given to the office by the Municipal, State, Airport or Rail Police or the Carabinieri, by public service companies including Bus Italia, Alia, GEST, Autolinee Toscane, Taxi, and by museums, theaters, libraries, or even conscientious citizens.

Upon receiving the objects, SAS workers register, catalogue, and deposit them in a warehouse. One of the first activities is to search for the name and contact information of the owner.

In bags, suitcases, backpacks, wallets and change purses, workers check for ID documents or anything else that could identify the home address or provide a telephone number to quickly contact the owner. When direct contact is not possible, in the case of city residents, the office sends a notice card, while for residents of another city, the office sends the documents to the municipal administration of residence, keeping the other objects in deposit. In the case of school books left by students on trams and buses, the school is contacted wherever possible. Vehicle licence plates also end up in the office; in this case, the owner is found by requesting a registration report from the Municipal Police. The office also regularly answers calls to mobiles still turned on. For foreign tourists, their embassy and/or consulate in Florence is informed; if there isn’t one in Florence, the documents are sent to their embassy in Rome.


Citizens and tourists can look for their lost object, be it a document, licence place or anything else, by connecting to the dedicated portal present on the municipal administration site through the link:

Every 15 days, found objects are published in a list by category in the Albo Pretorio. As provided for in art. 929 CC, after one year from the second publication, any object not reclaimed by its owner becomes the property of the finder, who must claim it from our offices within three months.

In the case that whoever found and turned in the object does not claim it, the object can be disposed of by the municipal administration which gives it to charity or eliminates it as waste. Unreclaimed money is deposited in the Municipal Treasury.