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Temporary ZTL Access

Ultimo aggiornamento : Ven, 05/05/2023 - 10:46

Daily permits

Daily permits to access the City of Florence ZTL are of two types:

  • Transit only: allows entrance and circulation within the ZTL.
  • Transit and parking: allows entrance, circulation and parking in white-lined resident parking spaces within the ZTL.

Permits are valid for a solar day from midnight (00:00) to midnight (24:00) of the day indicated at the moment of purchase. If the permit is issued for the same day as purchase, validity shall be from the time of purchase until midnight (24:00).
Once purchased, the permit must be stamped by the user and clearly displayed inside the vehicle.
Permits may be issued for up to ten days per month and seventy days per year for the same vehicle.

Daily permits may only be requested for vehicles under 3500kg. Once issued, they cannot be reimbursed nor annulled.

In the case of vehicles registered as buses or minibuses, see the section reserved for Tourist Buses.
In the case of vehicles above 3500kg, a request must be sent to the email address: