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The ZTL (limited traffic area) bus permits are issued exclusively online from August 2020.



The circulation and parking of tourist buses in the city of Florence is subject to specific regulations, identified by the "urban traffic plan" and governed by the BusPass system which offers the best compatibility between the tourist attendance of the city and the urban quality of citizens. and tourists together require.
A system of rules and facilities is identified that organize and rationalize the circulation and parking of buses that are used by an important part of the visitors to the city. These are programs that respond to the obligation to protect the city, its environment, its unparalleled set of cultural assets and therefore its quality for citizens and tourists who come to visit it from all over the world.

Please note that the checkpoints are temporarily closed and that it is possible to obtain the ZTL bus authorizations exclusively through the online platform.
Please note that the purchase of the pass must be compulsorily made before accessing the ZTL (limited traffic area) by bus (all the inhabited center of Florence including the hamlet of Galluzzo)

Back-Office ZTL bus: Parterre Cubo 7 - Piazza della Libertà.
Offices not open to the public..
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