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The online service for issuing parking passes and parking permits for access to the RTZ for buses is available.
In order to use the service and the related online payments it is necessary to proceed as indicated in the technical specification in point 3.

To access the services, it is necessary to register on the portal

The service allows you to receive the authorization title directly in your e-mail box as soon as payment has been made.

For the registration of the buses, the registration certificate must be shown and the following data must be collected: license plate, ownership, length, range of the type of engine (Euro 0,1,2,3,4,5, etc., methane, electric) or the relative EEC directive to which the engines are type-approved. Only after registration, which must be validated by the back office, the markup can be issued or activated by itself online.

The documentation necessary for issuing the markup, if required, must be sent to the back-office EXCLUSIVELY via the electronic platform, at least 3 days before the scheduled day of use of the markup.

Within 2 working days from the completion of the file, if there are no exceptions by the competent Office, it will be possible to use the online purchase procedure from the web address

N.B. The payment fees for online bus passes are to be paid by the applicant.