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On December 4, 2000  Servizi alla Strada was formed, which operated from March 5, 2001.
With the Company Servizi alla Strada the City of Florence has signed a service contract with a duration of ten years, expiring March 4, 2011.

The assembly of the SAS, January 26, 2006, approved a new social status, providing, among other things, changes and additions to the corporate purpose. Remains the essential activities of planning, programming and control of the Company held by the City of Florence, the sole shareholder.

Supplemental agreement to the Service Contract relating to the custody of the services of management and control of transit or stop-controlled areas, is concluded on December 29, 2006 (rep. 61 289).

The direct award of public service delivery to SAS city is made, pursuant to art. 113, D. Decree No 267/2000, which provides that option for the public corporation totalitarian, by signing a special service contract, the Contract was signed on March 6, 2007 (rep. 61 361).

To date, therefore, the Company is the operational tool of the City of Florence which is exclusively the activities of planning, programming and control of the Company.

Given the recent deliberations of the meeting, the Road Services is responsible for the municipal administration, management of the following services:

• execution of the forced removal and / or blocking of vehicles in cases under the laws in force;
• acceptance and storage of towed vehicles and management of deposit;
• custody of property seized and found objects and related activities and the like;
• Management and maintenance of road markings, Vertical and danger;
• small road maintenance or replacement of supplementary signs in danger;
• road maintenance and road changes related activities;
• chain management and road barriers that restrict the transit;
• defissione billboards and advertising, installation and maintenance of
media and related areas;
• coverage, removal and storage of illegal advertising systems;
• activities aimed at maintaining decorum of the city;
• management services related to the markets of public area;
• management of the tourist bus service;
• management of ZTL in charging for tourist buses;
• design, operation, maintenance and control of zones to stop Controlled;
• all activities related and connected to the services listed above.

The Board of Directors is composed of three members appointed by the sole shareholder, the City of Florence. The term of office is three years.