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As from 7th April 2004, a limited traffic zone for busses (Z.T.L. BUS) has been established in the town of Florence and Galluzzo, in effect 24hours a day. Transit of buses within this zone is only allowed after payment of a fee and subsequent emission of a pass which must be displayed on the bus in a clearly visible and legible position always.

Buses must use the designated access routes as indicated below to reach the checkpoints where they can obtain permits:

Access from North Access from South

The movement and the staging of the bus tour in the town of Florence is subject to a specific regulation, identified from the urban plan of the traffic and governed by Buspass system. Buspass Tourist Ecoprogram proposes better compatibility between the tourist frequentation of the city and the urban quality people and tourists collection. Buspass identifies a system of rules and facilities that organizes and rationalizes the movement ahd the staging of this specific means of transport used by an important part of visitors of the town, in respect of a defined envirolmental capacity costantly checked in advance that "in real time". Tourist Ecoprogram and Buspass are important parts of the transport of a city like Florence, heritage of humanity and city open urban plan. Programmes that meet the requirement to protect the city, its environment, its unparalleled set of cultural, and then its quality for citizens and tourist from every part of the world coming to visit it.

Services SpA manages the road for the City of Florence permissions for access to the ZTL tour bus through two offices:

* SAS North Point (Check Point also in the North of road signs)
* SAS South Point (Check Point also signs of viability in the South) .

Firenze, 2013/05/30

In accordance to the article 15 of Technical specification joint to Delibera di Giunta nr. 2012/G/00429 is not allowed for any reason the way along P.zza Nazario Sauro and Via dei Serragli.

Moreover a recently Managerial Measure (nr. 2013/M/03758) extended no thoroughfare to all the bus categories except authorised services and urban transport.

It is therefore recommended the compliance with the regulation in force.

Firenze 2013/09/10


*** ATTENTION: during the UCI World Cycling Championships the Check Point South/Punto SAS Sud, Via Emilio Visconti Venosta, will be closed from Friday 20th to Monday 30th September 2013 as explained in "provvedimento dirigenziale 2013/M/05942".

The Check Point North/Punto SAS Nord, viale XI Agosto 7, will be available for release of bus permits.
A partire dal giorno 6 luglio, il nuovo numero da contattare per informazioni sui bus turistici sarà lo 05540401. Il vecchio numero 055374277 a partire da tale data non sarà più disponibile.
Firenze 15/02/2016

Come da delibera di giunta 2016/G/00029, dal 1 marzo sarà in vigore il nuovo disciplinare per Autobus con le nuove tariffe di accesso alla ZTL del Comune di Firenze. Per la planimetria della ZTL Autobus clicca qui, per il disciplinare clicca qui, per le nuove tariffe clicca qui.
Firenze 25/03/2016

Si ricorda che con provvedimento dirigenziale 2016/M/02247 del 24/03/2016, dal giorno 25/03/2016 è stato istituito il divieto di transito agli autobus in via delle Porte Sante.