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TAXI and NCC, submitting the documentation referred to below, may request authorization for four or daily access and transit lanes and all ZTL both in and outside the ZTL. Owners of licensed TAXI or NCC provisions have the following authorization methods:

- continuatively, enabling its Highway Telepass or buying ZTL Telepass at the Center SaS Point;

- daily, with a copy of its registration certificate, license and identity document or proceeding to attach request by fax, in addition to the documentation mentioned in subsequently, the copy of the transfer of € 5.00.

Enabling toll


Requires only at the point SAS Centre of:

- License

- The vehicle registration document

- self-certification accompanied by a copy of the validity of the applicant.

The certification is valid until revoked. Just in case you wanted to enable its toll motorway, the request can be sent also by fax at 055.4040221.


- € 48 for the purchase of the toll ZTL;

- € 16 for the qualification of its toll highway, which is valid up to 4 years.

Daily permit


If you need to access in the ZTL  for a single day, you may acquire daily permit or at a local branch of the Municipal Police, or at the SAS Points.

The authorization may be required by €5 bank transfer paid to the Servizi alla Strada SpA City of Florence, IBAN IT54Y0616002800000060000C00, causal "ZTL pass during day xx / xx / xxxx licence number zzzzzzzzxx, car plate ssxxxcc. In this case it is necessary to send the fax 055.4040221:

- Copy of bank transfer

- Copy of the license

- Copy of registration certificate of the vehicle

- Self-certification declaring license No. xxx, ZTL pass on day xx/xxx/xxxx, car plate, tax code.

Daily lane reserved for outside the ZTL


It's possible to request permission to transit by RESERVED LANES OUTSIDE OF THE ZTL Toll 800.33.98.91, from Monday to Friday from 8.30 until  13.00 and from 14.00 until 16.30, communicating:

- The number of licensed taxi / NCC, release date and the common

- The vehicle registration data

- Personal data of the licensee

- Contact details

Please note that any change must be communicated to the registered company with the same procedure.