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Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL)

The Traffic Restriction Zone (Zona a Traffico Limitato - ZTL) of ​​Florence was created in 1990 and actually envolve an area of 4 km2 to 48 km2 of the town, for a total of 10.11 m2/ab. ZTL is controlled by computerized gates are managed by Telepass e quipement technology.

On ZTL there are pedestrian zones ;in this areas the access is always closed to vehicles except as identified in the mobility acts. The pedestrian zones are open daily time lots as specified in the road signs. The pedestrian zone are protected by chains or PILOMAT.

To verify fines you have to contact Municipal Police.

Controlled Parking Zone (ZCS)

Florence's urban area - ZTL excluded - is organized in 5 Controlled Parking Zones (Zone a Controllo di Sosta - ZCS) parted in 3 kind of parking spaces: the white lines, reserved for residents or for disabled persons with specific pass, the yellow lines specifically  reserved for disabled persons and  blue lines,. The blue spaces are paying all weekdays from 8.00 to 20.00 except public holidays. The rules of parking places are indicated on the traffic signs.

To verify fines you must contact Municipal Police.