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Servizi alla Strada SpA is the operational tool for many services of the City of Florence which is exclusively the activities of planning, programming and control of the Company. The main goal of the Company is to ensure the timely execution of the following services under the contract with the City of Florence:

1. design / maintenance ZCS;
2. ZCS and ZTL permits;
3. management of parking meters;
4. Release marks tourist buses;
5. road signs;
6. Billboard public;
7. management of local markets;
8. depositing towed vehicles;
9. founded objects;
10. founded goods.

According to this goal, Servizi alla Strada SpA has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) according to UNI EN ISO 9001, to:

1. improve the quality of services offered and paid according to the provisions of the policies of the Municipal Administration;
2. reduce and prevent non-compliance and user complaints;
3. ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements;
4. ensuring and improving the health and safety for operators and the business climate;
5. pursue the continuous improvement of the QMS.

The Department is committed to ensuring that the Quality Policy adopted would be done at all levels of the organization using the following tools:

1. the use of adequate human and material resources;
2. training and staff involvement;
3. the selection and monitoring of suppliers of materials and services;
4. the identification of procedures to ensure compliance of the services and their optimization, removing any hindering processes resulting in increased efficiency and cost reduction;
5. the systematic assessment of users;
6. the distribution of the QMS documentation in all workplaces to be accessible to the staff involved;
7. continuative system's monitoring through internal audits conducted by skilled personnel;
8. the periodic review of the QMS, according to the objectives defined in the policy, developed through the review by the Department.

The Department is committed to communicate and to understand this policy at all levels of the Organization and to review it periodically to ensure its continuing suitability.